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How to choose a website name

Looking for a web domain nameSometimes choosing a name for your venture and website is the most difficult part of getting started.

Here are a couple articles I find helpful in the brainstorming process. The first, “What’s my name, #$%&*?”, lists some specific goals and brainstorming techniques that might help you know your target.

The basic rules are:

  1. Be easy to pronounce and spell.
  2. Make it memorable.
  3. Don’t pigeonhole yourself (Being to specific in the naming of your company or product can hinder growth later.)
  4. Go easy on the numbers.
  5. Don’t use names that could have a negative connotation in other languages
  6. Stay away from negative connotations.
  7. Make sure your name doesn’t alienate any group (race, religion, etc)
  8. Search for existing trademarks on potential names.
  9. Make sure the domain is either available or purchasable in the aftermarket.

The second article, “10 Name Types”, categorizes brand names into different categories and offers pros and cons to each with some great examples. The categories are:

  1. Real words (ex: Amazon)
  2. Compound words (ex: WordPress)
  3. Phrases (ex: StumbleUpon)
  4. Blends (ex: Wikipedia)
  5. Tweaked words (ex: iPhone)
  6. Affixed words (ex: PostSecret)
  7. Made up words (ex: Plaxo)
  8. Puns (ex: Writely)
  9. Names (ex: AskJeeves)
  10. Acronyms (ex: AOL)

Here are a couple tools I like to use when trying to find a domain name for a website:

  • – This gives you feedback as you type on whether a domain name is available or not. The fast feedback lets you run through lots of ideas quickly.
  • – This lets you enter a list of keywords, then it tries combinations of those words to see if the combined terms are available.

Good luck! This is perhaps the toughest part.

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VocalPoint Chorus unveils website redesign

VocalPoint Chorus is a 70-voice choir that puts on benefit concerts to raise money for outstanding beneficiary non-profits.

The original website was good, but Exponentech transformed it to make it, (ahem), sing!

VocalPoint website

Take a look!

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Nokomis Quintet launches website

Nokomis Quintet website

Exponentech helped the Nokomis Quintet, a Minneapolis-based woodwind quintet, to create and launch a new website to promote the ensemble.


  • WordPress as a content management system
  • Super simple layout and content

Take a look!

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Global Harmony uses Paypal to accept donations

Global Harmony uses Paypal for donations

Paypal has become a well-known industry standard and is certainly trusted.  Exponentech helped Global Harmony Community Chorus to create a donation page on their website so that supporters can contribute to their global relief efforts.

Paypal supports a variety of options and makes it easy to track incoming payments.  Currently, Paypal charges 3% + $0.30 as a processing fee.  If having online payment will increase your business, then this is definitely a worthwhile way to do so.

Whether for-profit or non-profit, Exponentech can help you set up Paypal and get the revenue flowing!

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Google Analytics added as standard feature

Google Analytics web statistics tool

Google Analytics is the most user-friendly web statistics software we’ve found. We now offer a Google Analytics setup as a standard part of our website packages.

For businesses and non-profits that advertise, Google Analytics is an essential toolkit that lets marketing managers see how traffic flows to the site and what parts of the site are most effective.

Google Analytics will allow you to set goals such as sales completed or contact forms completed. It is incredibly useful to see how changes to your website improve the success rate of those goals in fine-grained detail. Google Analytics will show where users enter the site and where they fall off the path towards a completed goal.

See for more information.

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Global Harmony unveils website redesign

Global Harmony Community Chorus

Global Harmony Community Chorus is a 100-voice choir that puts on benefit concerts to raise money for global relief causes.

Artistic Director Jennifer Anderson wanted to be able to quickly and easily edit and update Global Harmony’s website.

Exponentech helped her by:

  • Installing a content management system for easy editing
  • Creating a design that gives the site a new, streamlined look
  • Continuing to host the website

Take a look!

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Haynes Research Group unveils new website

Haynes Research Group at the University of Minnesota

Exponentech helped the Haynes Research Group at the University of Minnesota to update its website. Dr. Christy Haynes feels strongly that a quality, well-organized web presence helps her research aims. Dr. Haynes explains it well:

“When someone is reviewing a grant that you submitted, they will Google you and look you up. If your website looks polished and reputable and up to date, that definitely helps. When applying for awards, your website is crucial. With a quality site, the reviewers see polish, a good research group, a big group, an interactive group, they see other funding sources, they see summaries of the research, they see that you are organized and have a business plan.”

Take a look!

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Jaynes Appraisals launches website

Jaynes Appraisals

Pamela Jaynes is a fine art appraiser in Seattle, Washington.

Exponentech helped her by:

  • Designing her business website
  • Enabling her to easily manage and edit the web pages using a content management system
  • Hosting her website
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